Cellulitis Again?

Steve had Cellulitis in his wrist and arm area a while back. (You'll remember our roofing experience!) About a week ago, he showed me a sore above his hand in the same area he had problems before. My advice was to go have it checked out. He thought maybe he had poison ivy or oak again. Isn't it past that season? Besides, he hasn't been working outdoors.

As per the norm, he ignored me and continued working a few days. Then one evening he shows me his wrist area again. Swelled up with three sores now. I didn't see any redness at least. Again, I encouraged him to go have it checked out. He just doesn't feel he has time with working in Ankeny, then going to the Y, by the time that's done, it's too late to go to a clinic.

Night before last I can't remember if there were four or five sores but I told him he'd better get to the clinic directly from work, then if there's time he can go to the Y. Thankfully, he did just that. They took fluid from one of the sores and will call him with the results. You know, the hospital took four or five tubes of blood from Steve when he had to have IVs and never called with results.

Maybe this time we will know what is causing this problem. I'm thinking more strongly about getting mortgage life insurance. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to Steve.

This is probably a good wake-up call to get our will finished too. Man, I hate doing things like that don't you? One of those things you hate to go through but are glad you got it done, right? Have a great day! Halfmoon

Not Good News

As I was driving to Abby's Tuesday morning (as if the day wasn't bad enough), Heather called and gave me bad news. Jordan's Dad, Earl, was in the hospital. She was heading there with Jordan as we spoke. I told her I'd call her after I helped Abby at her appointment.

I guess Nick (Jordan's older half-brother) found Earl Monday night on the floor. He thought Earl was having seizures. Earl's Mom came over with her blood pressure machine and couldn't get a blood pressure on him. They called the ambulance, but they also couldn't get a blood pressure on him, then they took him to the ER.

Apparently he had a ruptured spleen and he lost 4 pints of blood, bleeding internally. Man! He is lucky to be alive. Heather stayed for a while with Jordan, but felt uncomfortable being there so she asked if I could take him up later.

I had changed my tire appointment at Saturn to 3:30 thinking I wouldn't have to rush with Abby that way. As I drove away from her house at 12:30, I called Saturn to see if they still had a 1:00 appointment. Since they did, I drove straight there and called to let Heather know I would pick up Jordan after the tire was fixed (so I wouldn't have to rush his visit to be back at Saturn by 3:30).

Would you believe it? Saturn took 2 1/2 hours with a stupid tire. Actually, they said they were waiting on the company to approve replacing the tire. Well, I have better things to do! I was pretty angry by the time I left for Heather's.

The time at the hospital went well. Jordan asked the nurses and techs all kinds of questions and they were amazed at what he'd remember. They took the ventilator off of Earl while we were there. (I would have preferred waiting in the lobby, but Jordan wanted to stay.) I told Jordan he needed to be a doctor when he grew up so he could support his Grandma Fern and me! Fern laughed and agreed.

After a few hours, I took Jordan back to Heather's and visited for a while. I think it was around 7:30 when I got back home. Long day! No rest for the weary, huh? Halfmoon

What a Start to the Day!

My plan, Tuesday, was to meet Abby at 9:45 to go with her to the doctor. I had my alarm set to go off at 6:30, but at 5:50 Steve came in the bedroom "You have a flat tire (completely flat) on the front of your car and I don't have time to change it."

Well, great! Oh, well, I have free maintenance on the tires, and Saturn gave me free roadside assistance. They did grade the road recently, but there isn't much gravel left on it, you'd think I'd have had a flat sooner than now. Steve had two flats last weekend. (And I was considering myself lucky!)

I trudged out to the garage in my sweats and winter coat. I borrowed a pair of Steve's slip-ons (easier than tying mine) which was a bad idea because they kept rubbing on the top of my right foot :( After finally finding my tire contract, I threw the keys to the Vue on the driver's side floor and headed back into the house.

Thinking I could still get my time in the whirlpool tub, I called the 800 number and was asked if I was in a safe place and if I'd be near the car. I forgot that I might have to sign for the tire to be done. OK, maybe I should eat breakfast while waiting for the guy to show up. Meanwhile, I decided to take the car out of the garage as Steve hates for it to be open with the trouble we've had in the past (2 slashed tires on my Vue) with one neighbor's family. I was surprised the car didn't want to back up, I really had to give it the gas to get it to move, but finally the deed was done.

Thinking Steve would be proud of me for taking the car out of the garage and locking it up, I called him. He was upset that I drove on a completely flat tire. Well, I get free tires anyway so deal with it! I can't seem to win for losing! By 7:15 my dummy was on and I headed into the house to get my relief in the whirlpool jets. What a way to start my day, huh? Halfmoon

The Holidays are Coming!

I belong to a group called Flylady. They send you emails daily to help you clean your house without being overwhelmed. The messages give you little things to do each day and eventually your house is clean without the marathon of cleaning for a party, company, or holiday.

Right now they are writing about Cruising through the Holidays. One of the topics I'm really interested in is making twice the amount of a meal, then freeze half of it for a future meal. I don't mind cooking when I'm doing it but I hate cleaning up. This would save a cleanup too! What an idea!

Let's see, what kind of meals could I freeze. Actually, if I bought two 8 x 8 pans, I could make my regular lasagna recipe and put half in the freezer for future use. I rarely make it anymore unless I'm having company because that recipe is waaaaayyyy too much food for Steve and I to eat. Actually, most recipes I make are for 9 x 13 pans, so wouldn't two 8 x 8 pans work?

Any hints you have about cooking, let me know. I cannot stand at the stove very long with my back so I have my girls help when they come over. I don't know if they realize how much I appreciate it when they help, whether it's cooking or the cleanup.

Just an update, I stopped by to see Abby and Mikayla Monday. They are doing great. Abby's getting right into the Mommy habit, I just love it. That's it till the next adventure....Halfmoon

Soccer Galore

Four of my grandchildren play soccer this season and it is great! I will have to tell you that I am a sideline cheerleader for whichever team I'm watching. Heather got me started attending the grandkids' games, so it's her fault! LOL

Katiana's team is such a real hoot to watch! One game I attended the game couldn't start because the opposing team didn't have enough players on the field. They only play three kids to a team. The other team only had one child willing to run on the field to play. The others cried and kept shaking their heads "No." Finally one of the girls from our team turned her shirt inside out and played for the opposing team.

Jordan is a really great goalie and I just love it when he stops those goals from being made! All of the teams my grandkids are on do not officially keep score, but believe it when I tell you the kids his age keep count and know who won!

Taylor has come a long way from when she started. Actually, she improves with every game I see her play in. She isn't afraid to go after the ball, even when the opposing team are ganging up around her. I am so proud of her! I went to one of her games today. Naturally, I'm wore out after the games because I've been rooting the team on very vocally.

Yesterday I went to Sydney's game and she is a little fireball going after the ball. At one point Stevie said, "Man, Mom, I can't hear now." He mentioned remembering me holler at his and Josh's games too!

Before you know it, Alyce and Jadah will be on teams. We'll give Carter and Mikayla a few years before they join, but look out then! I may have to be helped onto the field, but I'll still be hollering for our side! Speaking of Mikayla, Grandma should probably be looking at strollers
for that little one, huh? Hope you all had a nice weekend.....Halfmoon

Little Mikayla

I worked on the paperwork for my injury for probably three hours yesterday and I think I finished it all except for copying pictures of where my car sat and getting a phone number for where I worked before Iowa Health Physicians. So, out I head to celebrate. Luckily, Abby called me and asked if I wanted to come over early. Saved by her call, I went there instead.

Mikayla is her own sweet little self. She actually looks like she's gaining weight, must be getting good stuff from her Mommy. Abby looks really good too! I had Theresa order pizza before I got there so it arrived shortly after I did. It was great. I got so excited when the pizza came that I forgot to give him the coupon when I gave him the money. Oops!

Theresa left at 5:30 and Steve arrived around that time. Linda came a short while later and they had pizza too. I didn't realize that Abby sat in a bean bag chair when she left the room to nurse. I asked her if she wanted us to leave when she nursed so she could sit in the rocker. I could tell she really appreciated the thought. When Justin arrived, Mikayla was gearing up to nurse so I told Steve and Linda, let's get going. It was probably the first evening they were alone together.

Steve just called me a little while ago. There's talk of layoff again. He's only worked 5 days. Oh, well, if he gets layed off, we'll head for Alabama. Maybe we should start looking at used Harleys. Just joking, I'm sure my back wouldn't be able to handle riding on one, wish it was. Halfmoon