Another Go At It

Stevie, Jadah, and I met Steve at church yesterday. (That way Steve doesn't have to wait around for us afterwards, I normally take Stevie to HyVee to get groceries.) We were 3/4 the way through his shopping list when Heather called asking if I was still in Des Moines.

Without getting graphic, one more event occurred that indicated the baby was on its way. I told here we were almost done, I'd drive them home, then come pick her up. Pato was working in Indianola. It took a short while for Steve to finish, then, of course, Jadah had to go potty.

I finally got them both to Adel and he unloaded groceries, Angie came out and took Jadah from the car so I could leave faster. After picking up Heather and the girls, off we went to Iowa Methodist. Practically all the way in, Alyce kept giggling. We hoped that was a good sign.

I kept an eye on the clock and gave a countdown as to when 'Raymond' would start. Finally it was 10:00 and I turned on the TV and clicked to the correct channel. It wasn't on! Heather reminded me it was Saturday. Man! That is just so wrong!

Well, the nurse came back after calling the doctor, once again Heather had the option of spending the night or going home. She was so frustrated, she cried. The girls were upset because Heather was. Alyce kept saying, "Mommy hut". What a sweetheart.

Today it got up to 40 degrees (yesterday was even warmer). It is so nice compared to the single digits we were having for quite a while. Yesterday it felt almost like Spring. I cannot wait! Looking around at the Elm trees and the Oaks. It will be beautiful here once again.

Hopefully, the next time I write, I'll have another grandson born. Have a great day! Halfmoon


Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 said...

'k... Everyone seems to have disappeared. I'm hoping that is a sign that the little one has made his appearance, and everything is ok.

Hugs to all!