I bought a sewing cabinet table so I could start using the newer sewing machine I bought quite a while back. In order to get it in place, we needed to move a dresser out of the bedroom upstairs, bring it downstairs to our bedroom, and then move the machines upstairs.

I say 'we' collectively, but really Steve did all the work of getting the dresser downstairs. In order to have a place for it in the bedroom, we needed to get the base to the waterbed out of the bedroom. It had tons of stuff on top of it and Steve's clothes in the drawers.

I did help move the dresser from the living room to the bedroom and the waterbed from where it sat to the foot of our bed. Both were very heavy and killed both Steve's back and mine. I layed down on ice for about an hour (Steve took a nap, too).

Then as I am eating a sandwich with chips, Steve started talking about how his eating habits are bad and he's gaining weight. I had just lost half a pound, but still have 6 1/2 to go to get back to the newest low I was at before Thanksgiving. What a fight! It is so hard to lose weight. I wish I was able to use fat burners.

Before I depress you further, have a good day! Halfmoon