Just Browsing

I haven't been here in a while as I am sick again.  Having problems w/my digestive system.  Feels like running a razor blade sideways down the inside of my stomach.  When that goes away, nausea sets in.  Sometimes I get the razor blade pain a few times a day.

I've had all kinds of testing, even ate scrambled eggs that have something radioactive in them.  Then they took some type of picture every 15 minutes.  Turns out, I have a slow digestive system.  Ok, what do I do?  I've tried eating smaller meals, more times a day.  Didn't help.

Enough for now on me.  While looking at my blog, noticed someone else is putting links on my words which leads you to somewhere else.  Great, huh.  I've reported it and think I'll go lay down now.

Hope YOU'RE having a great day!