We All Need Sleep

Do you toss and turn most nights?  Can't get a decent night's sleep?  I'm right there with you.  Sleep is something we all need and I wake up every two hours, regardless.

Very frustrating.  Yes, our bed is over ten years old and has indentations and bulges.  It is time to get something new.  I really would like to have an adjustable bed (king size).  You know, Steve and I have different controls.

I actually have an old Kraftmatic but the mattress is really worn and ready to break open, here and there.  My sister in Alabama (may she rest in peace) had the mate to my bed.  They actually knew someone who made a new mattress for theirs.  Wish I could have one here.

Until then, I think I will look into egg crate foam.  It sounds like just what I need.  What do you think?