I've talked a lot in the past about musical instruments as our family loves music.  My husband has been practicing playing the guitar since he had surgery on his right thumb joint.  He can only handle about 20 minutes at a time, then it starts throbbing.

My daughter, Heather, not only sings but plays the piano, clarinet but, her first love is singing.  In school, the band director had her play every instrument and said she could play all of them.  I don't know if she got her portable keyboard at musiansfriends or not, but she loves to play it.

My youngest daughter, Abby, also loves to sing, but she decided not to play an instrument.  Joshua, my youngest son, played the drums when he was young.  That leaves my oldest son, Steve II, who did not choose any instrument at all, which made me sad.

Myself, I took piano lessons.....when Heather surpassed me, I stopped taking them.  My first love is singing.