Katiana is 5!

Today is Kat's fifth birthday. She is so excited, she can hardly contain herself. She actually looks older today. That doesn't normally happen. You don't normally notice it just on the birthday. She woke up this morning and asked if she could go to kindergarten now. What a riot!

We're at Heather's right now and Christiano is looking soooo big, getting a little chunky, even. Grandpa is holding him as I write. He said "Christiano is bright eyed and bushy tailed." I can't remember why people say that, but my Dad used to say that, too.

We've been trying (all weekend) to get a week booked at a resort in Nashville, Tennessee. That way we can stay there a couple days, then drive down to my sister's in Prattville, AL for a few days. I'm starting to get excited.

This all stems from the stay we had in March last year. It was a nightmare so they are giving us a free week this year. The trouble is, it is never at a location we would normally go to (Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, etc.). It's enough to drive a person to drink (but then I'd have to go to drug rehab, wait that would be alcohol rehab.

Well, that's it for now. I'll write later when our plans are finalized. Halfmoon