In the South

Steve and I decided to drive down to visit my sister and her husband in Alabama. Since we had a free week (not even an exchange fee!) to use before it expired, we booked a week in Crossville, TN. We would have preferred Nashville (closer to Jackie's) but they didn't have one there.

So we drove through rain most of the way to the timeshare. We started noticing tops of trees snapped off in Kentucky. We did start out later than planned (about 3 hours) and I was bummed about that; but after seeing the devastation that hit the whole rest of the way through Tennessee, we were glad we were delayed. On the radio, somone stated they saw one (2?) cars blown off the interstate and thrown 100 yards away.

As you all probably know, a tornado went through the area. While it didn't touch down on our driving route, the wind must have been tremendous to cause such damage. We were thankful to make it to the condo (late, but alive, right?)

After spending two nights there, we took off and drove on down to Prattville. It was wonderful to see Jackie, Randy, Michelle and her family. I won't go into detail about it all but will say, I know I've gained at least 5 lbs (hopefully, not more). When I get back home, it will be fat burners for me.

The sun is finally shining, my family is alive and healthy, God is in His heavans and here on earth! Have a blessed day! Halfmoon