Katiana has been begging to come stay overnight for quite some time. She called me Friday to see if she could come Saturday for the night as Jordan was going to his Dad's for a three-night stay. I told her I'd talk to her Grandpa and would call her back.

After discussing it, we decided to pick her up before church on Saturday. When we arrived to pick her up, little Alyce had been crying because she wanted to spend the night at Grandma's too! Alyce is 2 1/2 now, I think, and is such a little lovebug! Heather told me she was sad because she wanted to "sleep at Grandma's".

It didn't take very long of her cuddling up to me that I broke down and invited her to come stay
with us, too. I knew I'd probably pay for being so softhearted because it's always a lot harder
when two stay rather than one, but how can you resist it?

Thought I'd snap a few pics of the girls sharing my coat (as it was starting to get chilly out). Of course, we had to break out the lanterns so we all could see!!!! The girls love to swing (and thank goodness Kat knows how to pump now), makes me wish I were able to do it with them. I just found out I've lost 10 pounds in the last year, but I'd still like to get some diet pills to go down another 20 :)

In all, we had a wonderful day and evening. Sunday morning Kat helped her Grandpa make a rhubarb cake. She talked him into letting her cut rhubarb with a butter knife (and it actually worked)! Heather came out Sunday afternoon and we had a nice time. It was great seeing the girls run to their mother and tell her how they missed her!

Here's hoping you're having great weather like we are. Have a nice day! Halfmoon