A 'Moon Pie' Called My Name

I'm not sure how well this is going to go as I only have my left hand to type with. I had surgery on my right hand August 17th. It was supposed to be done on the 10th but my sister came to Council Bluffs on the 6th and also my relatives from Washington came back. We had a big gathering in Omaha on the 9th. It was wonderful seeing everyone at one time.

This is the first time Jackie and Randy have been back in a long time. It was really great visiting them. They taught me a new game which was called LCR. We played it a lot. Steve went with me on the 8th and stayed one night. All our kids and grandkids met us in Omaha for the reunion. My aunts Helen and Delores came along with my cousins Dave, Sheila,and her daughter, Alison.

I came home for my pre-op PX then went back to Council Bluffs to be with my sisters. By the way, they snacked on sweets all the time. I finally gave in when a 'Moon Pie' called my name. I may have to buy weight loss pills after all the indulging I did. The time went fast and before I knew it it was time to go home.

Sheila, Ryan, and Troy visited us on the last day and took pics of everyone at Sue's. It was really wonderful seeing them, too. Ryan showed me how to get on my Facebook account, but that's another story. So long for now and everyone have a great day. By the way, Steve felt sorry for me and typed most of this