Very Sad News

I was outside reading a book when Steve called me. He said, "I just received some really bad news." At first, I thought something happened to his mom. He then told me she was ok. My next thought was that something had happened to Wayne (his older bother), and no, that wasn't it either.

Steve's Uncle Paul McKinney (Elsie's brother) had committed suicide. Man, what a blow. A little history behind it. Paul had accidentally hit a bicyclist while driving on the Cummings road (wherever that is. To make matters worse, he left the scene of the accident and didn't tell anyone. He had a court date coming up November 17.

Paul's wife, Betty, is in a nursing home as she has Alzheimer's. I cannot even imagine what she will be going through. She is still cognizant of her family members and this will be a tremendous grief for her.

We went to Steve's mom's yesterday and everyone, except Wayne (he's out on the road) and Randy (who probably couldn't leave work) were there, including a few spouses. Elsie is so sad (as is everyone). I know Steve and I think, "What if we had done something (like go see Uncle Paul), would this have turned out differently?" We sent him a birthday card last week, but what if we'd gone to pray with him.

You never know how one thing can change everything, do you? On the lighter side, Polly and Larry sold their house and are building one in Waukee. Joe and Kathy are in the process of buying a home on an acreage. I wish we could sell ours, so we could find a ranch home on a few acres (not too far from West Des Moines) and situated on a paved road. Yes, I know, dream on.

First we have a lot to do to our home to get it ready. Like get new tiles on our bathroom floor. I think ceramic would be fantastic, but they are a little cold on the feet, especially in the winter. That's it for now. Have a great day, and remember to follow your heart! Halfmoon