A Busy Day

Today, Steve and I went to the Y, then to three different offices to get medical and dental printouts, to the Workforce building, and finally to pick up Mikayla at her sitters and on to her house.

Abby is in school tonight and Justin is out of town so we get to play with our granddaughter!!!! She sure knows what she wants to do right when she gets home. Right to the highchair she goes and points to it. Ok, Mikayla, I get the picture. I started feeding her and when Steve came into the kitchen, I asked him to start the mac and cheese for our supper. He didn't think we needed to eat right away so I had him feed Mikayla while I made it. I was hungry.

After eating we watched TV for a while and noticed Mikayla started whining when Steve and I would talk. Actually, Grandpa noticed it and explained it to me. What a riot. Mikayla sure has quite a vocabulary built up now. I couldn't understand a word she said but she sounded like they were complete sentences. (I do think she says Grandpa, though.)

Before her bedtime, I read her a book (actually, I ad libbed as I didn't have my glasses on so I explained what the picture looked like), fed her some yogurt, changed her diaper and put her pj's on, and laid her in bed (after I told her I loved her). I left the room and she immediately started jabbering to herself again. It was great!

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful day! Halfmoon