2 Bday Parties

Jordan and Christian celebrate their birthday on the same day. This year Heather invited the family to a place called The Incredible Pizza Place (I think). When you first get there, you go down to a room set aside for the party.

After most people arrive, you are sent to go to the buffet which has pizza and other types of foods that are really pretty good. I'm not a fan of buffets so that says a lot. What we did was have the birthday kids open their gifts after everyone eats. Let me tell you, you are full when you leave.

Next comes the fun part. There are go-karts, bumper cars, pinball, and all kind of games that you can earn tickets to redeem for toys, etc. Of course, I cannot remember the name of the game I like the best, oh, well.

There must be tremendous maintenance on their games. I forgot to look at what they ring up your receipt on when you first get there to see if it was an epson receipt printer. Par for the course, I remember so few things.

Anyway, everyone had a really great time. Thank you, Heather and Pato!