Snow, Snow and More Snow

We finally got hit with winter weather. The snow has been light, but steady. Steve shoveled all the way to the road, driveway, sidewalk, and a little path back to the bedroom deck so I can go out there when I want. What a guy.

It is 25 below freezing with the wind chill. 49 of the United States have snow on the ground. Now tell me about global warming, will you? I get so tired of hearing about it. Where are they when it's freezing everywhere?

It's time to make sure your smoke and heat alarms are up and working. Make sure your motorola batteries are fresh, you don't want a dead battery when you finally need your alarm.

Steve's at his second class of the semester. Now he goes to school MTW of the week. I had Linda change her night to come over to Tuesday so at least one of the nights I'm not alone. She should be here pretty soon.

How much snow did you get? Our back yard looks impressive in white!