Another Birthday

Last Wednesday we went to Heather's to celebrate Katiana's 7th birthday. It seems that all my grandkids just keep growing up!

We had maidrites for supper (with chips and dip, of course). Then we had fruit pizza for dessert (yum!). Finally, Kat opened her presents and it was just great. She received in-line skates, a helmet, knee pads and hand pads, too. She's all set to skate around.

Saturday we again went to their house and had a wonderful Bar-B-Que (hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, soft tacos with chicken and steak). She had a sleep-over with two friends and Taylor that night.

I don't know what I would do without the SSDI process. They were a lifesaver for me. If you are disabled, as I am, I suggest you contact them.

Being disabled doesn't stop me from seeing my grandkids (most of the time). Sydney will be 9 in June and Taylor is going to turn 13 in July. Man, they just keep getting older. Just think, I'll have my first teenage granddaughter!