A Purity Ring

I decided to start a tradition in our family. As each grandchild nears their 13th birthday, I am going to buy them a purity ring. Neat idea, huh?

For those of you who have never heard of them, they are a ring you wear to say you will wait until marriage to become intimate. With the world spinning as fast as it is and it's telling you that that is old-fashioned, I feel it is a way to remind you to wait so that you have a gift to give each other on your wedding night.

Since Taylor is my first grandchild to near 13 (she will turn 13 in July), she will be the first one to acquire one. Last night we stopped at Josh and Shell's and Tay and I looked for which ring she would like.

We found a really neat one that is really cool. It has three bands, gold, silver, and black and each says 'True love waits'. You can see the ring here.

Have you started any traditions in your family?