Since today was Wednesday, I met Abby at her house and then followed her to her church. I just love it when I go there and Mikayla asks me if I want to go to church with her.

Sunday I invited Josh and Shelley to come tonight and I'm happy to say they all came. I was a little worried that Cambria would be upset at going to the kids room. She seemed apprehensive at first, Josh said. But then he walked in and stood her next to Carter and Kayla. She put her hand up and touched Carter's hair and she was fine. Isn't that great?

Wednesday's are more of a Bible study, but I enjoy it. Abby is getting more uncomfortable as the days get closer to her due date (July 18). She had to lean forward twice to get the pressure of the baby to move. I'd best get my camera fixed or else I'll be looking around for a new one.

Last time I had to make a run to buy film for the camcorder while Ab was in labour. I'd best get my ducks in a row this time. I can't wait till I can blog about my new grandson being born!!!!