As I sat outside this morning in the fresh air, comfortable weather, drinking my iced tea, I looked back at the past week. It was a time of visiting, eating, frustration, and relief.

Last weekend was the 4th of July. As our norm, we celebrated with our family on the 3rd. That way no one had to get up early to go to work. Steve, Josh (mostly) and Steve II grilled, we had a campfire, made S'mores, and watched Justin and Steve II light off fireworks.

Thanks to Justin, who brought a box of fireworks, we had a nice show of color and sound. Most of the kids liked the display. I think the sounds bothered Cambria and Jadah.

The frustration was because my car (Vue) needed a wheel bearing. Steve decided to replace it himself to save $$. I'll leave that story for another setting.

The getting together is always wonderful. I love seeing my kids and grandkids. Abby is 11 days away from her due date (exciting), and has passed 4 kidney stones this pregnancy (ouch!).

The kids (mostly Abby) helped clean up and after hugs and kisses, headed to their respective homes.

As I replayed all this in my mind this morning, I then started thinking about the money we have in a 401 or some type of account. Maybe it would be better invested in something else. Maybe gold or coins.

I think I'll send off for a morgan silver dollar price guide. They look to be safe and secure and have been in business for 37 years. Being new to this I look for places approved by the BBB.

So, how did your holiday go? Drop me a line to let me know!