Time to Watch the Kids

Abby has a job interview on Tuesday so I am excited both for her and for me (cause I get to see Aiden and Kayla). This job is in the main Methodist Hospital, too, so it would be closer to her home.

I saw Aiden at church Wednesday night and he changes every time I see him. Kayla is losing her toddler looks and is growing up so fast, too. I know, you can tell I love all my grandkids, can't ya!

I actually lost a few more pounds, however, Steve brought home some homemade pizza Saturday night and we ate it then and also Sunday for lunch. You guessed it! I gained two of the lost pounds back. It is so blessed hard to lose weight. I am thankful, though, that I am still down 14 pounds. I'm going to keep at it.

I've been looking at corsetts online. They aren't what your grandmother used to wear! I'm seriously thinking about saving up to get one tee hee. I could wear it until I lose the rest of the weight! :)

Have a great day!