Labor Day

As normal, our family got together the day before the holiday so most didn't have to work the next day. Each family brought their own meat and I made maidrites for Heather's family and myself.

Steve and Josh both grilled while I cooked the hamburger for the maidrites. Heather brought a couple packages of buns and a French Silk Pie (yum). Shelley and Josh brought a watermelon (besides their meat) and potato salad. Abby and Justin brought a corn/bean mixture and a loaf of crusty bread and both were yummy.

It was a wonderful time of getting together and after dark I got out the graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey bars (which had previously been brought by Heather and Shelley). Time for S'mores. The kids always love it, as do the adults.

Next time we get together we'll be able to use walmart coupons to help purchase things. I can hardly wait.

Little Aiden spent some time outside, but the balance was inside nursing. He is really growing, and Kayla is loving having a little brother. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!