Sydney Called

My phone was ringing, when I looked at the screen, I saw it was my granddaughter, Sydney. She was wondering if I wanted to buy some cookie dough, cheese, summer sausage, cheese dips, or soup. She is in the band and they are raising money. Of course, I'd love to come look at what you're selling.

I was pretty hungry at the time and anything sounded good by then. I'll admit, I ordered way too much. One was cream of chicken and rice soup, YUM! and with it you get a baked potato soup.

I told Sarah I'm trying to lose weight and ordering cookie dough is not something I should be doing. She said, "You can freeze the cookie dough for up to 6 months." Yeah right, like it will last that long in my freezer. I ordered the soup combo, chocolate chunk cookie dough, oatmeal raisin cookie dough, and a box with two cheeses and a summer sausage. Then I ordered a snicker doodle cookie dough for Heather which she will pay for when I see her next.

As I was going through my emails earlier I saw a note from my Yearbook section of Facebook. They were asking me if any of the pictures of me were from high school. Nope none of them were. I guess I need to do some document scanning and get my senior picture in there, huh?

I'm looking forward to Friday night as I get to babysit Kayla and Aiden!!! Cannot wait. Steve will probably be at school for extra help so I'll probably be there alone with them. That's okay, then I can hog Aiden all to myself!! TeeHee. Hope you have a good night.