A Week Ago Tuesday....

I was asked by Heather to keep an eye on Christiano while she coached Alyce's game. While I waited for her family to pull into the parking lot, I saw Josh drop off Taylor. I put the window down and hollered her name, she turned and waved at me. Josh had to take Carter to his game and then come back to pick up Taylor.

Heather arrived and I took Christiano and Kat to the playground. How weird is that that Jordan, Taylor, and Alyce would all be at the same soccer area. Turned out, Jordan and Taylor's teams played a scrimmage against each other. So for a while I'm yelling, "Go, Jordan" and next it is "Way to kick, Taylor!"

Pretty soon, Christiano is tired of the playground and wants to go see his Mom. We walk over to their area and watch the rest of Alyce's game, then the rest of Jordan vs Taylor.

Afterwards, Josh invited me to watch a DVD with him and the kids. I couldn't turn it down. However, Carter had a different idea as he grabbed the wii remote controller and told us he was going to play.

Josh told him we were going to watch the Zookeeper and Carter picked up a small game to play instead. Taylor sat at the kitchen table doing homework so she didn't watch much of it, but Josh and I liked it.

As soon as Steve gets done with this class he's in, we'll start getting movies again. I can hardly wait for that. Do you have big plans for this weekend? I think we're going to Steve's brother's for a Halloween party. Don't know if we'll be dressing the part or not. Either way, have a great weekend.