Jay and Shell's Kids

Wednesday I got up early so I could be at Jay's to take Carter to his Y Camp by 9:45.  After dropping him off, Tay and I snoozed in the living room while Cambria slept in bed.  I got up nauseated as has been happening again lately.  By the time I brought Carter home from camp, it was lunchtime and I felt better, just drug down a little.

I had a great time with the kids.  We watched Bubble Guppies for a long time.  Then, Carter, Cambria, and I went out to the back yard to play.  MAN was it HOT out.  We cut that short, although Carter wanted me to call Josh or Shell to get an OK to get the sprinkler out. 

I wish I had a coupon code so I could get some neat back yard furniture.  We really need some.  Till then, I will keep taking my chairs in and out of the house.

How's it weather wise where you are?