A Bacon Party

Sue won a prize from Wright Bacon and she received a lot of bacon, buttons, balloons, fans, cuzies, and recipes.  She decided to enter a contest to win $10,000 and a trip to a major game.

I had reservations about going to a bacon party, since, I've never heard of one.  Everything there had bacon in it.  Potatoes Augratin, Spinich Dip, Potato Soup, two or three more dips, bacon mushroom bites, monkey bread, grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches, and other items that were wonderful.  It all was yummy.  They even had ice cream with bacon bits on top.  Everything had bacon in or on it except cao cigars online.

Unfortunately, Steve and I ate about an hour before so we then stuffed ourselves.  We passed on the ice cream as we couldn't do any more eating.  An hour later, we stopped in Stuart and Steve suggested ice cream at McD's.  What a guy, of course, I gave in so I'll be sorry for it when I step on the scales next time.