Christmas is Coming

Every year stores start decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier.  Now they've started before Halloween is even here.  I don't get it.  They're even talking about starting great sales prices before Black Friday.

We used to buy things for each person in our family.  One year I had fun getting everyone a sweatshirt and sweat pants, even down to the toddlers.  Or the time I bought the first pair of jeans for the littlest ones.  It was so much fun.

One year we even bought Steve's family gifts (which was unheard of).  Normally everyone only gives his parents gifts.  That was fun to buy presents for them.

If I were going to buy presents this year, I'd check out radko from christmasplace just to decorate our tree.

Unfortunately, we don't even put a tree up anymore.  Since Christmas is during the snowy season, no one wants to come out our rode in the winter.  It is pretty bad.  No idea when our road will be paved, so no hope in sight.