At Least One More Week

It has been a weird year weather wise.  Starting tomorrow, we will have highs in the fifties again.  Yeah!  I hate winter, though I have lived in Iowa all my life.

I'm not like those who loved sledding, ice skating, throwing snowballs, etc.  Maybe it's because I had asthma as a child, that I learned to hate winter weather.

Now, my kids and grandkids, they all love to go out in the snow.  I can see some of them learning to snowboard.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a snowboard wall rack on the wall of their homes.

  I know some of them already ice skate, down to the youngest, Aiden, who is only two.  Abby and Justin took Kayla and Aiden and had someone take pics, they all looked like they were have a blast.  The only time I went ice skating, I thought I was breaking my ankles.

So kudos to all my family who love winter!