It's Been Sold

How many times have I driven by the house on L with a MIL apartment attached?  Too many to count.  It started out at $150,000.  It stayed that price for quite a while.  Steve and I actually looked at the outside twice and what we could see in the windows.

Then I saw it for sale in the real estate section for $100,000.  I urged Steve that we should get an appointment to go through it.  That never happened.  Tuesday I was on my way home from having lunch with Abby and I decided to look at it one more time.

The For Sale sign was gone.  There was someone in the driveway and a grill outside.  I was so bummed I wanted to cry.  We might not have wanted it but we could have at least gone through it, right?

Now I suppose we'll need to get a real estate checklistreal estate checklist and start all over again.  Man!

I wouldn't want to leave this house if it was on pavement and was just a ranch.  I don't even go upstairs any more because of my knees.  Oh, well, back to square one.