Today is Thanksgiving and it is the first year with our family that we didn't have to make a Turkey!  Cuts down on the stress for Mom and Dad, I'm telling you.  This year Steve and I made two large bowls of stuffing (his Dad's recipe), plus we're taking two pumpkin pies, a pecan pie, Cool Whip, and Turkey Gravy.

Heather and Pato are making a turkey, a ham, fruit salad, and some type of Mexican cookies.  Also it is at Heather's house so that's a big part for them just getting their house ready.

Steve and Amber are bringing a turkey, a ham, and green bean casserole (you know the kind with the onion rings on top.....yummy!

Josh and Shelley are bringing  turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, a jello w/pretzel dessert, and a macaroni corn casserole which is outstanding.

Abby and Justin are bringing the relish tray and the rolls.

Now you may say that's a lot of turkey and stuffing, but the turkeys are 12 - 13 pounds and we all want to take home turkey, stuffing, and fruit salad.  That's our type of Thanksgiving!

Here at the home front, we have lines from our well leaking in the yard if we use the spout (washing the car, etc.)  Plus, the motor has had water over it and we may have to contact to make the well usable again.  There's always something happening here.

We'll be leaving soon for Heather's so have a Happy Thanksgiving from Iowa!