Funny Story

Monday we went to Heather's to celebrate Alyce's 7th birthday.  She served maidrites (my recipe), chips and dip, and of course the cake and ice cream.

We all watched Alyce open her presents and once Steve and Amber got there, they dished out the cake and ice cream.  I was sitting next to my hubby eating my ice cream when I bit into something harder than the icing.  It was a little minty.  As it was the only bite like that I asked Steve if he had any bites like that....nope.

Oh, crap, I just ate my Rolaid with the cake.  I had sat it in the bowl as I was half done with it but didn't want to throw it away.  Actually, it tasted pretty good with the cake and frosting (glad it was the minty kind).  I've been battling nausea for a couple years and the last 2 - 3 months, it's been worse.  Oh, well, it was actually kind of funny.