Little Mary Sang...

'Away in the Manger' and it was so beautiful I got tears in my eyes.  Mikayla was Mary in the little play that Aiden's sitter put on.  Kayla used to go to that sitter, Jessie, too, but now she goes to preschool instead.

It was nice that they still included her in the play.  And she sang into that microphone like a pro.  Aiden was one of the kings, however he didn't sing.  There were 10 or 11 little ones in the play.  There were two toddlers in what looked like cow and sheep ? pajamas.  The cow wandered off to leave the area and was brought back by a parent.  Pretty soon he wandered off in a different direction.

Aiden mainly stood around watching, but when it was time for the song where they all held hands and swung them back and forth, he got back in line and grabbed Kayla's hand and swung away.  So cute!  I hope Abby got it recorded and will put it up on Facebook pretty soon.

After the play, someone played the piano and we sang carols.  There were some that weren't on the sheet so we sang from memory.  The lady w/the microphone offered me the mike and I shook my head no.  I could just see not remembering the next line.....anyway it was a great night!