More of the Same

Today is not a good day for me. I should preface that to say last night was a nightmare. Steve and I went to a dinner/show type thing and it was really great. I did get up and walk around three or four times as I can't sit for very long without incurring greater pain in my back.

When I tried to get up, I wanted to cry. It took a while to get out of the restaurant area as I kept having to stop and stand still for a while. Then when I went to bed last night, I had to get up within five minutes because the pain was so great.

This morning was more of the same. I went to Physical Therapy and that helped somewhat, but I really just want someone to knock me out so I can have some relief for a while. The Fibro Myalgia has come back with no warning and I hurt pretty much everywhere. Add to that my left arm tingling unless I tip my head to the right... okay, I'm pretty much whining here.

Steve and I would like to go down to Alabama while he is off. I don't know if in my current condition, I'd be able to take the drive. My luck we'd get half way there and have to check into a hotel for a while to get some relief. Also, May 16 (?) is my cousin's 50th birthday, they're having a big party and want us Iowans to come out.

On the lighter side, Mikayla said, "Da da da da" yesterday morning!!! That had to make Ab and Justin's day! Christiano rolled over twice and at one month, that's scary. Heather thought it was a fluke until he did it a second time while she watched. Someone at water therapy said her son did that at one month and walked at nine months (OMG). Heather will have her hands even fuller, huh?

Josh and family are moved into a house now. Carter loves it! He rides his big wheel from the kitchen to the far end of the living room in no time and you can tell he's having a blast.

That's it for now, let's get some real spring weather in Iowa, huh? Halfmoon