Mikayla Corey

Abby came over today and brought little Mikayla to see her Grandma and Grandpa. She is such a cutie. She is crawling all over now and pulling herself up to stand on things. We smiled so much my cheeks hurt.

Mikayla crawled all around our living room exploring, to see what she could get into. Actually she is a very good little girl. When she reached for my yarn, and I said, "No, no," she pulled her hand back. The same thing happened when she reached for the glassed in portion of the entertainment center.

Justin and Abby have done a good job with that little girl so far. Mikayla also showed us the new sounds she could make. Grandkids are so precious, I just love being a grandma! Abby nursed her and layed her down for a nap in our room in her pack-and-play. I decided to take a break outside while Ab took a very short nap on the couch.

Inside again to make Cream of Mushroom soup to eat with Fritos crunched in it! Yum! It's one of Abby's favorites, too. She told me she tried cheetos in it and it was good, also. I cannot imagine it, but just may try it sometime. I wonder if she meant puffs or fried?

Have you ever gone to any wholesale auctions? Halfmoon