Poor Taylor

We're at Josh's as he invited us to come have rhubarb cake and watch a DVD. When Taylor came up to me, she showed me her poor hand. Last night she was making ramen noodles by heating water to boil in the microwave. When she tried to poor the water into her cup, it overshot the cup and landed all over her fingers (of her left hand).

She has blisters all up and down her forefinger and redness over the other three fingers (on the top). She had quite a time trying to go to sleep last night as it hurt so bad. I feel so bad for her. Just looking at her finger makes me hurt. Thank goodness she is right-handed.

Taylor is really starting to get taller and thinner. I'm really enjoying my grandkids. I think Tay went upstairs to her room, but Carter is walking around jabbering. I think Josh needs some TV stands so we can eat our dessert while watching the DVD!

Gotta go watch the show. Have a great day! Halfmoon