Time at the Library

Steve and I are at the Earlham library again (we came yesterday, too). Since ending my internet contract (couldn't get online 50% of the time), we've been visiting libraries more often. Of course, I take my laptop with me which makes it easier for me in some respects.

We'd been going to the Redfield library, but it is soooo noisy there you would not believe it. It's not as if I'm studying, but a little quiet helps. Here, the only talking you hear is when the librarian is talking to a patron. Over there, it is a bunch of kids trying to impress each other. Very frustrating.

Sue called me today, Aunt Wanda is not doing well and may not make it through the night. She is the last of the Aunts/Uncles on my Dad's side which makes it even sadder. Yes, I still have cousins, of which I am thankful for. You never know how precious life is until another member of your family has gone on into eternity.

Enough of sad things, huh? Heather sent me a few more layouts of her kids. She does such great stuff with her pictures. She told me she went into use the bathroom sink or maybe some other item in there and when she came back, Christian had a 4 inch strip of Elmer's Glue on him. I swear, she'll need to just strap that baby to her body from now on! Halfmoon