Back at the Doctor

Luckily, the doctor was able to get me in at 11:15 yesterday. After having approximately two hours of broken sleep, I drag myself out of bed, take a bath, and head into WDM for my appointment.

The doctor was happy that they found the cyst but was concerned that they didn't address why my white count was so high. She ordered another blood draw and the count was now at 16,500, down from 17,000, but that is still too high and what is causing it?

It's possible that the nerve blocks I had the day before could cause it, but she didn't think that would do it. So, once again, I have to come back in eight to ten days for another blood draw to see if it goes down. Meanwhile, unless I have a high fever or chills, I can continue my life. Wonderful, huh?

With all of the bills coming in from my RF, nerve blocks, hospital, and doctor visits, we're going to need a bigger cash drawer to pay for all of it. So goes life, huh? At least our spirits are up and I have faith that I'll make it through. Have a great day! Halfmoon