Saturday at the Homefront

Well, Thursday and Friday (yesterday) Steve mowed and weedwacked the lawn, which isn't as easy as it sounds. We have almost two acres to take care of (the other three we let grow and now someone else is mowing and baling it up, hurray!)

I feel pretty useless not being able to help. Once in a while, I go out to where we have wood for the campfire and pull a few weeds that are waist-high (so I don't have to bend over to do it). That only lasts a short while as I cannot stand for very long. I at least have a little path to where the wood can be picked up.

I used to ride the lawnmower while Steve mowed the hard areas with a push mower, then he would weedwack the rest. Well, that is history now. I actually enjoyed doing that much more than cleaning the house. Speaking of the house, it is in need of a good dusting. Maybe Heather will do that when she comes out.

Heather, Kat, Alyce, and Christian are coming out this afternoon. Josh, Shelley, Tay, and Carter are coming out too. Steve's going to help me make lasagna (which means I'll probably talk him through it as I can't stand to cook for very long).

I cannot wait for all of their company. It seems like it's been an eternity since I've seen them (July 6, to be exact). I guess it has been 12 days since we've seen Heather's crew. Josh and Steve came out a week ago to deliver his bed to our garage and a chair in the house. I had them take one of our recliners to dump as it is falling apart.

I wonder if we'll do the rest of H's fireworks???? Steve always hates doing them after the 4Th but we all love it! Also, we'll probably make a campfire and sit around it and talk.

My pain has steadily gotten worse. I had maybe a few days of my pain level being at probably a 4 and now it is a constant 5 - 6 during the day. By evening, the pain is at a 7 or 8 or above (especially when it's bedtime). I wonder if I'm approved for disability, if I'll be eligible for a Medicare supplement plan? Maybe you still have to be 62 or 65? I guess we'll take it one step at a time. Time will tell.

Hope your day is glorious. It's supposed to be cool all day and tonight it will be down in the 40's. Must be that global warming, huh? :) I've always said that was a bunch of hogwash! Have a great one! Halfmoon