Father's Day

Back at the home front, the kids all came out to celebrate Father's Day with their Steve. I just love it when we get the whole family at our house. Syd and Jadah were both there, too!!!!

Josh came out the day before and helped his dad with the yard. It looked really, really beautiful. I don't think it's looked that good in a long time. Steve II, was planning on coming out Sunday morning, but there was nothing left to do.

We had lots of great food and Steve and Angie brought a strawberry cheesecake in honour of Sydney's birthday. She is growing up so fast. Still cute as a bugs ear (what do bugs ears look like?), and petite. She's an avid soccer player, is really into gymnastics and is thinking about cheerleading in the upcoming school year.

While Steve and I have been piddling around the house a lot, the only outings we have are to the libraries in surrounding towns. I wish we would win the lottery so we could take a Caribbean cruise. Wouldn't that be grand! Half a safe day! Halfmoon