Came Home With An Ouchie

August 17 I had my dreaded surgery on my thumb joint. I must say being put under was nice. However coming to with severe pain in your hand was no fun.

The nurse asked me if I felt any pain in my hand and I said yes, I had pain at a level of 8 out of 10. However, the pain in my elbow was 10. She didn't understand why I would have pain in my elbow, but offered to get an ice pack for me. Once she put it under my elbow and across the bend of my arm, it immediatly went down.

When the doctor came in, the nurse mentioned the elbow pain to him. He said, of course. I pulled the tendon from the elbow area to insert into her thumb joint. Who'd of thought? I knew I wasn't crazy, my elbow did hurt.

Today is September 2 and I had a cast put on yesterday. It's a pretty green color. Reminds Heather of leprechauns. The scar is terribly ugly and I will say it hurts a lot. My daughters have decorated my cast. Once Heather saw that Abby had written "Your lil angel, Abby" she had to one up Abby and put "your favorite, Heather." I love my daughters.

Jordan and Kat signed it too. And Alyce marked it with a dot. Heather helped Chrsitiano "sign" his name, but he was more interested in eating the marker.

Steve and I have been watching a lot of movies, renting them from the library. (They don't have bluray dvds, but that's ok because we don't have a blueray player.) We've watched a lot of M.A.S.H. and every season of Everyone Loves Raymond. It sure beats failed to broadcast on our TV. Stupid digital conversion.

Thank you to Heather for typing as I dictated as typing with one hand takes too long and she was willing and available.

Hope you all have a great day!