Josh and the Kids

Last night Josh and his kids came out for supper. We had creamed dried beef and green beans on the side. The kids all loved it and, of course so did the rest of us. Yummy!

I talk a lot about food on my blog don't I? Seems like every time I try to lose weight, food sounds soooo good. Oh, well. Cambria is crawling now. Carter is talking a lot more. I took him outside with me while I was having a smoke break (yes, I know it's bad for me) and I normally read while I smoke.

Carter normally doesn't talk much, but, since I wanted to read, he wanted to ask questions. Are you smoking? Yes. A few minutes later, are you smoking? Yep! Then he found a weed and told me it was a flower. He talked a lot about that. Some of what he said I gave up on after asking him to repeat it three times.

And, he is very active. That's one kid who won't need testosterone boosters. He will have all the muscles he needs just be being himself!

I love to watch Cambria smile when Josh kisses her or talks to her quietly. Beautiful. As for Taylor, she spent the night so I'll talk about her next time! See ya then!


Heather said...

ROFL you had to use the word testosterone boosters. I am rolling. And slightly jealous I wasn't invited for cream dried beef. Pbbbbllllltttt! that's me sticking out my tongue at you! Love yoU!