Taylor Spent the Night!

We had Tay spend the night a while back and she is so sweet. So different than when you have a grandchild stay that you have to watch constantly. When we weren't doing anything together, she was reading the latest kid's book that I bought (One of the Twilight books for kids).

We watched a DVD together and played multiple games of CLR. It's a little harder to play with just two players. You're supposed to have three players to have a game going. With only two, the game ends real quickly.

Tay just turned 12 years old July 22, 2010! Hooray! Next year she will be my first grandchild who is a teenager! Before you know it most of the grandkids will be in school again. But first will be the school shopping for clothes and shoes. That will be a lot easier by using cyberpowerpc coupons.

I always loved shopping for school supplies and clothes when I was a kid. Now, it's very hard for me to make myself go buy anything. Tay and I usually try to bake something when we're together; but, it was so hot, we vetoed the idea. She helped me dust the entertainment center, then we played CLR again. Before I knew it, it was time to take her back home.

I worried that she hadn't had a very good time. Heather told me that Taylor mentioned to her, "I thought I'd be really bored at Grandma's, but I had a lot of fun." Whew, that made me feel wonderful.