Gaining Weight Again?

Is anyone else struggling with their weight? Normally I struggle a lot but before the holiday arrives, I'm usually down 5 to 6 pounds. This year I am fluctuating up 2 to 5 pounds. What a drag.

I remember the days when I couldn't gain weight. Being the smallest person in the whole junior high, except for one guy, who was a midget. I'll leave his name out, but even his name was a hoot. Seriously, he was the only person smaller than me.

I read a lot about the best weight loss pills you can buy to get a hand losing weight. Unfortunately, my doctor won't let me go on them because of my heart rate and blood pressure.

Just doesn't seem right, does it. Heather's been losing weight and I am envious. Ever since I've been nauseated, I've gained. Hopefully my doc's office will call me soon with an appointment for the neuro surgeon so we can see if my neck is causing the problem.

Oh, well, time will tell. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, don't eat to much!


suzz31 said...

weight loss let me count the ways I have tried to lose weight....

right now I am down 10 lbs and struggling to keep it off, thinking about going back to weight watchers that is how I went down to my goal weight before.

but that was before putting on a few years or so

good luck with your weight lost it does make you feel so much better physcically and mentally if you can lose the weight.