What Causes Nausea?

It started October 20. That was the worse day of all. From then on it was just feeling sick to my stomach. Yuck, right? What a topic to talk about.

I went to the Urbandale clinic as I wanted to have a test taken that I didn't want my clinic nurses to know about. They have enough fodder they spew to each other. Hopefully, the nurses have been talked to and this will cease.

The doctor took tests, even sent one away to culture to no avail. Yes, I know I need to get to my own doctor for more tests. I have had thyroid tests taken in the past and I was fine. I hope I won't have to have hypothyroid treatment austin in the future.

When I look at symptoms, I just hope I don't have a problem there. The doctor I saw didn't request blood samples be taken. He did give me pills for the nausea which make me really tired. Oh, well, I love to sleep, though my family wishes I wouldn't do it so often. I guess I'll call my doctor Monday and see what can be done. Sorry this isn't a happy, uplifting story. Some days are just like that.