Ahhhh, True Love

I know I've told you about how Steve and I met, but I know I didn't tell you about the ring Steve gave me. It was just before my birthday, Steve was getting ready to leave the Air Force. I really, really liked him, but wasn't sure it was love. I'd had such a bad experience before I met Steve, that I wanted to make sure this was the love of a lifetime. I was scared to make a second mistake.

I'd let Steve know how I felt so on my birthday when he got out of his van at my parents house, with a small package in his hand, I about died. I grabbed my sister, pulled her down the hall and told her, "I told him I wouldn't accept a diamond, what do I do if that's what's in that ring box?"

I must have acted so weird, he didn't give me the present until we were alone at my house. When I opened the box, I was very surprised to see an 'I am loved' ring. It was really beautiful, a heart with a diamond in the center.

I'd seen promise rings before, but this one was so neat. I was so happy, this I could accept. It still means a lot to me. And it was what I needed to calm down and continue on to find my love was the true thing. We've been married for 33 years now and that ring started it all!