It's Done!

Monday I went to the surgery center for the surgery on my hand. If some of you don't know about it, I had what is called a trigger finger. It was on my right thumb, which would get stuck in the down position and I'd have to pull it up (which hurt).

They only gave me a local, did the surgery, and sent me home. I'm glad I didn't have to wait around like you do when you are put under. I had some pain the first day, since then, no pain unless I forget and try to use it, then it hurts some but, not unbearable.

Other than the doctor, the nurses all wore nurses uniforms, which reminded me of the scrubs I used to wear at Lakeview. They were all very kind. I go back the 31st to have the stitches removed. Don't have to have therapy or anything. Great, huh?

Have you gone through something recently you want to discuss? Let me know.