Heather's Moving

Something we've all been hoping and waiting for is finally happening. Heather's family put their down payment on a double-wide mobile home. Moving day is Saturday and everyone is really excited.

I haven't been inside it, but, it sounds really nice. The owner is leaving his fridge, dishwasher, couch, and TV. Originally, he had said he was taking the dishwasher with him. So that's one less thing they will have to buy.

One thing I don't know for sure is if the window treatments stay or not. Heather may want to look into plantation shutters. I'm not much of a decorator, myself, so I still don't have much in the way of it done at my place. I still have sconces, etc. in original boxes (never been on a wall).

I know everyone who follows Heather's and my blog are very happy for her and her family!