It's Tuesday

It is Tuesday and that means Linda's coming over. We normally watch 'Raising Hope', than a DVD and finally (my favorite part), 'Everybody Loves Raymond'.

I always look forward to Tuesdays as I'm not home alone while Steve goes to class and I have my best friend over, too! What can I say, I get a little scared out in the country in the dark.

My cousins in Washington (state) decided to have a reunion every two years so we can see each other more. According to Jackie, they changed the date to May 28 and 29. This accommodates Jackie and Randy as they had an important event during the previous dates.

I was there (with Steve) 2 years ago and had a wonderful time. Since then, both my Aunts are having trouble with their health. I agree it's good to see them while we can. However, it costs so much to fly and rent a car.

Last time David had just had surgery on his hip due to an accident he'd had. I wonder if he checks creatine reviews to build his muscles back up.

Well, here's to hoping we all get to go!