Happy Mother's Day...

to all you mothers on this special day. My day started out with Steve II and his girls, Sydney and Jadah, and his friend Steven Keith. They brought over fried chicken and potato salad, yum!

After being here a while, Steve's friend tried to help shorten a swing by throwing the swing over the top of the set. That didn't work. One chain got caught on the other. Since it is so tall they all were trying to figure out how to get it down.

My son, being the Super Dad that he is, climbed up on the platform of the swing set, climbed up to the top of the swing set, and crouched down, taking little scooching steps, holding onto a tree branch (small one), till he finally reached the swing that had the problem. He then kept balancing while reaching down, finally unhooked the chain. I forgot to mention, the whole time he was climbing, I was asking him not to do it, both girls were screaming, "Dad, No!"

Then Steve grabbed his arms around the crossbar, swung down and pushed his legs up at the same time grabbing with his legs. I'm imagining him falling through it all. He finally let go with the legs and hung by his hands, then jumped to the ground, which sent pain from his feet up to his knees.

I'm telling ya, my boys are always giving me gray hairs, they're always doing daredevil things, hooking up component video cables, acting crazy like today or something.

After they left, Abby, Justin, and Mikayla came out, followed shortly by Josh's family. Heather called me earlier that she'd come out Tuesday as she had a migraine today. All my kids went together on a gift certificate at the Glen Oaks Spa. Can you believe it?

As we sat and visited, Abby made a call, then announced that Spaghetti Works was open until 9 pm. That got Shelley all excited and the next thing I know, we're all heading there to eat together (each family buying their own).

We had a great time together, then everyone went their own way. Before I got to the Interstate, Steve asked me to stop at the Skilled Nursing Center his mom was at. We only stayed for less than 10 minutes as she was ready to go to bed. The nurse asked her before we got there if that was the last of her family coming to visit for the day (she has 11 kids - 10 living). Then we show up. We all laughed at that!

Well, hope you all had a great day, I know I'll remember this one for quite a while.