Wednesday Night

Josh called me yesterday and invited Steve and I over for hamburgers grilled on his new grill. I think he really likes the grill and is showing us by cooking for us! Not that I mind not having to make supper.

Since I was going to church with Abby, I had to leave by 6:10, but still had plenty of time to eat a hamburger, potato salad, baked beans, and chips and dip. I can just see the calories adding up.

Supper was wonderful and the church service was too. My spirit felt free for the first time in years. The church is Glad Tidings Assembly of God. People were vocal with praising His name. The bad thing is, it is so far to drive to. But being with Abby made me forget that.

I was glad they didn't have doughnuts and coffee like Abby said they do on Sunday mornings (at least they don't have cake pops delivered) but even when they have refreshments, you don't take either into the church service. That is one thing I've not liked about some of the churches I've been to lately. It seems disrespectful to me.

I had a great night, came home and went to bed.