Josh's Birthday Party

Well, Josh finally turned 31 and he looks just as young as ever. Shelley told me what he was wanting, an infrared grill. Steve and I agreed to put cash towards it instead of just giving Jay a check.

I think Josh knew something was going on, he just smiled when we told him we left his card at home the two times we saw him before and on his birthday. I knew if we gave him a card and no $$, he'd know definitely something was up.

He really likes the grill and he cooked hamburgers, brats, chicken legs, and beef and chicken strips for soft tacos on the day we got together for his big day. Yummy! If I keep eating like this, I'm going to gain weight.

I'm already fighting the pounds I've already put on. I've looked into a few diet pills and one site stood out telling about avesil side effects. Since I'm going to the doctor today, I'll talk to her about how to get help losing weight.

Anyway, back to the party, everyone had a great time eating and talking. It was great, as usual, to see all my kids and most of my grandkids.