Finally..... Freedom

I have been struggling lately with going to church and the Y. Don't ask me how that started, but I know how I feel. We were going to a church in Waukee when I started feeling uncomfortable. It seemed like the music portion and the sermon was just a performance to man. It got so I refused to go there anymore, beginning with leaving the service and waiting for my hubby in the car.

We then started going to a church in West Des Moines (Lutheran, which I was raised in). I liked it, but something was missing. We used to go to an A of G church in Des Moines, but quit going there when we moved out west. Finally, I knew I wasn't being fed, felt like my spirit was tied up. I quit going to church at all.

One day my daughter, Abby, invited me to go to an A of G church on the south side not too far from where she lives. I loved it, my spirit felt free! The only drawback was the long drive to get there. When she had her baby, she took a few weeks off from going there.

Meanwhile, I've been seeing Him in everything outdoors and praying out there. I began to feel like that is where I should be. I didn't feel like I needed to be in a building to feel Him.

Yesterday, Steve asked me to go with him to Abby's church. My whole self rebelled, but I made myself go to be with Steve and Abby. Once inside the church, I felt my spirit soar again. Finally.....freedom. That is where I am supposed to be. Heather even told me she'd go next Sunday with me!!!!

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Until Sunday, have a wonderful day and weekend!